Lumbee Tribe kills controversial contract with lobbying firm
The Lumbee Tribe of North Carolina ended its relationship with a lobbying firm that was hired to push for federal recognition.

The contract with Lewin International drew intense opposition. Critics said it would have derailed the federal recognition bill in Congress and subjected the tribe to huge penalties for not pursuing a casino.

"We appreciate all that the folks at Lewin International have done to help, but unfortunately the contract itself has become a distraction from our mutual efforts to achieve full federal recognition for the Lumbee Tribe," Chairman Purnell Swett said in a statement. "We all know that perception is reality up there in Washington. Anything that could take away from our recognition work -- whether real or imagined -- has to be dealt with."

The House passed a bill to recognize the tribe in June 2009. The bill bars the tribe from engaging in gaming under any state or federal law.

The Senate has yet to take action on the bill.

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Lumbee Recognition Bills:
S.1735 | H.R.31 | H.R.839

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