Cherokee Nation defends donation to Republican candidate
The Cherokee Nation of Oklahoma donated $2,500 to the Rep. Zach Wamp (R-Tennessee), who is running for governor of Tennessee.

Chief Chad Smith told The Chattanooga Times Free Press that Wamp has “been a great friend on the Trail of Tears. He has this great passion for remembering the Trail, to have it designated as an historic site.” As a member of Congress, Wamp sponsored legislation to expand the Trail of Tears National Historic Trail.

Wamp, who has claimed Cherokee ancestry, also has co-sponsored the official U.S. apology resolution that was signed into law last year although he didn't sign his name onto it during the 111th Congress. The resolution mentions the Trail of Tears, which crosses through Tennessee.

The Cherokee Nation has been active in Tennessee politics recently in hopes of stopping the state from recognizing groups that claim Cherokee ancestry.

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Cherokee chief defends Wamp on PAC contribution (The Chattanooga Times Free Press 6/9)

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