John EchoHawk: Keith Harper a strong choice on 10th Circuit
"At the Native American Rights Fund, we have always hired the best and the brightest to advocate for Indian rights and the orderly development of Indian law. One of the most outstanding lawyers to ever work with us is Keith M. Harper, who has been in the news lately as a potential nominee for a position on the 10th Circuit U.S. Court of Appeals.

No Native American lawyer has ever served on an appellate court in the federal justice system. I do not know if it is true that my colleague will be nominated to serve on the 10th Circuit. If it is true, President Obama is to be commended on his fine choice. I do know that Harper is highly qualified and deserves to be nominated and confirmed.

During my 40 years in the practice of American Indian law, we Native attorneys have worked toward the day that one of us would break through the glass ceiling and be named as an appellate judge. At 64, I and most other Native lawyers of my generation are not seeking judicial appointments, because those should go to younger people who can serve on the bench for a long time. Harper is 43 and could have an extended future as an appellate judge.

know Harper and his work very well and can attest to his upstanding character and his diligent work ethic. He has a first-rate mind, a compassionate heart and an even temperament. He enjoys the respect of his peers and a well-deserved reputation as a thorough litigator and a fair judge. He was a NARF senior staff attorney for 11 years and his success as a litigator is a matter of public record."

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