Judge backs $33M settlement in Utah Navajo trust fund case
A federal judge approved a $33 million settlement in the Utah Navajo Trust Fund case.

The state agreed to pay the money to members of the Navajo Nation who live in San Juan County. The state did not admit wrongdoing but acknowledged errors in failing to account for oil and gas royalties.

In 1933, Congress created the trust. The law requires the state to manage 37.5 percent of the royalties from oil and gas production on Navajo land.

Congress is now considering a bill to relieve Utah of its role in the trust. The Utah Dineh Corporation would serve as the new manager.

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Utah to pay Navajos $33M in trust fund dispute (The Salt Lake Tribune 6/30)
Utah to pay $33M to settle Navajo trust fund case (The Deseret News 6/30)

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