Shinnecock Nation endures another delay over federal recognition
The Shinnecock Nation of New York almost joined the list of federally recognized tribes on Monday but a challenge will force another delay in the process.

The tribe was the fourth group to file a petition for federal recognition in 1978. The tribe completed its application in September 2003 but had to go to court to force the Bureau of Indian Affairs to make a final decision.

The BIA issued a final determination in favor of the tribe on June 15. It was due to become official yesterday but a group called the "Connecticut Coalition for Gaming Jobs" filed a challenge with the Interior Board of Indian Appeals.

It's not known how long the IBIA process will take. Another group, a splinter faction of the Montaukett Tribe of New York, also filed a challenge, Newsday reported.

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Shinnecock recognition in limbo (Long Island Business News 7/19)
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Federal Register Notice:
Final Determination for Federal Acknowledgment of the Shinnecock Indian Nation (June 18, 2010)

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