County won't intervene in Colorado River Indian Tribes lease flap
Officials in Riverside County, California, won't interfere in a lease dispute between the Colorado River Indian Tribes and non-Indians.

Assistant County Counsel Katherine Lind said the Water Wheel Camp Recreation Area is part of the reservation. "It's tribal land as far as we're concerned," Lind said at a county meeting, The Riverside Press-Enterprise reported.

Some non-Indians who lease land at the recreation area have refused to pay rent to the tribe because they believe it's not part of the reservation. Some owe upwards of $100,000 for years of unpaid rent.

A federal judge has ruled that the leaseholders are subject to tribal court jurisdiction. The non-Indians say they will continue to fight the tribe.

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Riverside County supervisors say they can't intervene in Colorado River land dispute (The Riverside Press-Enterprise 7/28)

District Court Decision:
Water Wheel Camp Recreation Area v. LaRance (September 23, 2009)

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