Navajo family sues restaurant for serving alcohol in fatal accident
A wrongful death lawsuit has been filed on behalf of a Navajo Nation family that was involved in a fatal accident in Santa Fe, New Mexico.

The Peshlakai family was driving home from a basketball game at Santa Fe Indian School when their vehicle was rear-ended. Sisters Deshauna, 17, and Del Lynn, 19, were killed, and their parents, Darlene and David, were seriously injured.

The family is suing Blue Corn Café and Brewery, the restaurant that served alcohol to the driver of the vehicle, James Ruiz, who is also a defendant. The owner of the vehicle, who was drinking with Ruiz on the night of the March 5 incident, was also named in the case.

After the incident, Santa Fe Dining, which owns Blue Corn, changed its alcohol policy. Patrons who aren't eating are limited to three drinks while those who are eating will be limited to four drinks.

Santa Fe Dining also owns the Rio Chama Steakhouse, where another driver was served liquor on the night William Tenorio of San Felipe Pueblo was struck and killed in November 2008.

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