Oglala Sioux county commissioners face lawsuit over sheriff fight
Three members of the Oglala Sioux Tribe who serve as commissioners in Shannon County, South Dakota, face a lawsuit for trying to fire the sheriff.

Connie Whirlwind Horse, Wendell Yellow Bull and Francis Pumpkin Seed voted to fire sheriff Jim Daggett. Then they hired Stanley Star Comes Out, also Oglala Sioux.

Daggett got his job back after he went to court. Now he's about to sue the commissioners for breach of contract, violation of his due process rights, libel and slander.

Separately, The Rapid City Journal filed an open meetings complaint against the county, saying Whirlwind Horse, Pumpkin Seed and Yellow Bull are conducting county business in secret.

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Sheriff Daggett contemplates suing Shannon County (The Rapid City Journal 8/26)