Interview: Dorgan 'enormously proud' of Indian health, law bills
As part of its "Exit Interviews" series, MSNBC talked to Sen. Byron Dorgan, the chairman of the Senate Indian Affairs Committee. Dorgan is retiring after 30 years in the nation's capitol.

"Q: What piece of legislation did you work on that made you the most proud?

Q: Who are the senators from the other side of the aisle with whom you enjoy working the most? Who do you consider a "worthy opponent" in debate?

A: John McCain and I, as chairman and vice chairman of the Indian Affairs Committee, did the investigation of Abramoff, which went on for a long while and a fair number of people went to prison as a result of it. So John is a guy I've worked closely with and like a lot.

Lisa Murkowski I've worked very closely with and have great respect for her. I have great respect for most people that I've served with.

And a worthy opponent? Pete Domenici and I worked together very closely. And Pete as a legislator was very skillful and a formidable debater and knew his stuff.

The key around here is knowledge. Knowledge is power. If you know more than someone else about a subject, that's very important when you're debating."

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