FBI report lists crime data from tribal law enforcement agencies
The 2009 Uniform Crime Report from the FBI includes data from tribal law enforcement agencies.

Tribes in nearly every state submitted data on violent crime, rape, murder and other offenses for the report. The Interior Department also submitted data.

The largest number of violent crime incidents (905) came from the Navajo Nation, the largest reservation in the U.S. The second largest number (319) came from the Mescalero Apache Nation in New Mexico.

The largest number of murder and non-negligent manslaughter cases (15) occurred on the Navajo Nation. The second largest number (11) was for the Northern Pueblos of New Mexico, a category that appears to include 8 reservations.

The Navajo Nation also saw the largest number (374) of forcible rapes. The second largest number (65) came from the White Mountain Apache Tribe, where a series of serial sexual assaults appears to have never been solved despite a high-profile Bureau of Indian Affairs investigation.

Uniform Crime Report:
PDF: Table 11 | Table 11: Offenses Known to Law Enforcement State by State, Tribal, and Other Agencies

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