Little Shell Chippewa brothers split on guardianship of historic flag

Two members of the Little Shell Chippewa Tribe of Montana are in court over the fate of a historic 13-star U.S. flag.

The flag has been in the Gopher family's guardianship since the early 1800s. It was reportedly given to members of the Ojibwa tribe in Minnesota by U.S. soldiers.

Dorothy Gopher was the last guardian of the flag but she died without a will. Her sons, Mike and Glenn, disagree about how it should be handled.

Mike believes the flag belongs to the entire Little Shell Chippewa band. Glenn says it's meant only for the Gopher family.

The flag sits in a locked deposit box in a bank pending the resolution of the dispute.

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Sons split over fate of historic 13-star flag (The Great Falls Tribune 11/9)