Judge approves settlement in Saginaw Chippewa Tribe lawsuit
A federal judge approved a settlement with the Saginaw Chippewa Tribe of Michigan.

The agreement defines the boundaries of the Isabella Reservation. It declares the land to be Indian Country, subject to tribal and federal law

"This settlement clearly recognizes our reservation boundaries and allows for greater understanding of the jurisdictional power of Tribal government to direct the growth and well-being of our Native people," Chief Vincent Kequom Sr. said in a statement, The Mt. Pleasant Morning Sun reported.

The tribe sued the state and local governments in 2005. The Department of Justice joined the lawsuit on behalf of the tribe.

The deal addresses law enforcement, land-into-trust, taxation, zoning and other issues. The tribe retains criminal and civil jurisdiction over non-Indians and state officers will be cross-deputized to enforce tribal and federal law.

Judge Thomas L. Ludington rejected an objection from state attorney general Mike Cox (R) to the settlement.

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Judge OKs settlement agreements in Indian country suit (The Mt. Pleasant Morning Sun 11/24)

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