MPR: Task force looks into human trafficking in Indian community
"The Duluth City Council gets a briefing Monday on a new task force to address reports of human trafficking in Duluth's Native American community.

The task force formed this fall to call attention to the use of human trafficking in prostitution, to identify weaknesses in Duluth's support for victims, and to research the extent of trafficking in Duluth.

Task force coordinator Shunu Shrestha said cases of human trafficking were noticed by a local Native American organization, but she said the problem of girls and women forced into prostitution is not confined to that community.

"We don't have a count as to how many women are victims [or] who are trafficking them," Shrestha said. "We just have [a] general idea that these women have been forced into prostitution.""

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New Duluth task force takes on Indian prostitution (Minnesota Public Radio 12/6)

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