Editorial: Republicans wasting time trying to save 'Fighting Sioux'

"North Dakota lawmakers’ proposals to force UND to keep the Fighting Sioux nickname are fatally flawed.

The Legislature should make short work of the proposals and get on with its much more urgent work, such as trying to avert a catastrophic overflow of Devils Lake that could drown Valley City and other communities in a 500-year flood.

The proposals are fatally flawed for several reasons, including:

** The North Dakota Constitution is clear: “A board of higher education, to be officially known as the state board of higher education, is hereby created for the control and administration of the following state educational institutions,” and the list includes UND.

Furthermore, the board “shall have full authority over the institutions under its control.”

In other words: Lawmakers, stay out. The document’s plain language means it would be unconstitutional for the Legislature to usurp the board’s authority over the UND nickname, suggests Wayne Stenehjem, North Dakota attorney general. "

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