Editorial: Resolve dispute for women's shelter on Navajo Nation

"If a watched pot never boils, the Shiprock Home for Women and Children may never come to completion.

Because of contract disputes, the last 20 percent of construction on the shelter has been on hold since August, and with room to house 14 adults and 84 children, close to 100 people are watching and waiting to hear from judges.

We say cut the red tape, make a decision and let the millions of dollars in grants be put to good use providing a safe haven for victims of domestic violence.

And do it now.

Legal issues have sprung up in bunches around the home, including contract disputes, code violations and most recently, property ownership.

Restraining orders were filed to keep construction workers off the property while a judge can decide who legally owns the land where the home is being built.

RJN Construction of Mancos, Colo., claims the land as its own until completion of the project, while the home claims it possesses ownership under the Navajo Nation. But the Nation itself claims it is the "true and legal" owner."

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