Erich Longie: Too many lies for too many years on Fighting Sioux

"In his story, “Another fight on the Fighting Sioux,” Herald staff writer Chuck Haga begins with the phrase, “Another chapter in the long and bitter struggle over UND’s Fighting Sioux nickname and logo".

Haga’s description is spot on. The struggle has been long and bitter with no hopes of it going away soon, at least not if three legislators get their way.

Why has it lasted so long? Why is it so bitter? And when will it end?

Supporters say the nickname and logo honor the Sioux. For years, this has been and remains the primary reason hardcore logo supporters use when giving their justification to keep the logo. Why don’t the majority of us Sioux believe them?

Because it is a lie, pure and simple.

There have been testimonies by American Indian students, including this writer, who have attended UND and know firsthand that the nickname and logo do not honor the Sioux. There have been many quantitative and qualitative studies dispelling this myth/lie. But it stubbornly continues to be the No. 1 lie repeated when justifying the reason to keep the logo. "

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