Letter: Water rights settlement betrays needs of the Crow Tribe

"The Crow Tribe has been ridiculed by its own officials and a few employees. An attorney at the Billings Hotel and Convention Center spoke of the water rights compact. Dale Old Horn stood several times during the meeting repeating what the attorney had said. They were preaching for the passage for the water compact with the state of Montana.

This is a betrayal of the needs of the Crow people. We must not let them do this. They are selling us out.

Rodman Hutterman quoted the Crow Scout Curly in his book "Vanishing Race." Curly said, "The soil you see here is not ordinary; it's the blood and bones of our ancestors for future generations. ""

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John Bull Shows: Water deal is betrayal of Crow Tribe (The Billings Gazette 1/28)

Crow Tribe Water Rights Settlement Act of 2009:
H.R. 3563 | S.375

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