Opinion: Chumash Tribe land-into-trust will take financial toll

"Recently there have been a number of editorials and letters to the editor regarding the potential annexation into the Chumash reservation of 1,400 acres located near the intersection of Highways 246 and 154.

I would like to expand on my comments from last spring regarding this potential annexation and the impacts it would have on our county.

When land is annexed in a “fee to trust” process, it is taken entirely out of county jurisdiction in perpetuity and added to the reservation of the tribal applicant. If their application is successful, the Chumash would take the 1,400 acres out of the county’s land use jurisdiction and it would become totally exempt from paying any property, sales or transient occupancy tax that might be generated from future development of the property."

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Dorreen Farr: Tribal annexation would take huge financial toll (The Solvang Valley News 12/8)

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