Village uses meeting to slam Oneida Nation land-into-trust

The annual village meeting in Hobart, Wisconsin, turned into a forum on tribal issues, prompting an Oneida Nation representative to call for more open dialogue.

The village's director of community development and tribal affairs is Elaine Willman, the former leader of an anti-Indian group. She used a good portion of the meeting on a "lengthy presentation" about the tribe's land-into-trust applications and pending litigation with the tribe, The Green Bay Press Gazette reported.

Bill Gollnick, the tribe's chief of staff, objected to the presentation. "I would ask if perhaps you could set aside a forum specifically for the opportunity to discuss these issues, so people can hear both sides and understand, so they're not victimized by he-said-she-said," he said, the paper reported.

Willman said she would welcome a meeting on tribal issues. Residents also said they wanted a more open discussion.

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