Opinion: Removal of Klamath Basin dams based on science

"Several self-appointed “experts” have written several articles recently arguing against the removal of Klamath dams. Obviously dam removal is a controversial issue, but the public deserves to be presented with the actual facts of the matter when considering the fate of the dams.

Most recently, Mark Baird wrote a column that appeared in the Siskiyou Daily as well as on several websites. Since this piece perpetuates many of the myths contrived by dam huggers, it serves as an excellent starting point for setting the record straight.

Myth No. 1: Baird’s piece states that the “dams did not create the entropic conditions. The Klamath basin is a naturally warm-water, high-phosphorus tule marsh.”

First off, I think the term Baird is grasping for is “eutrophic,” not “entropic.” Entropy has to do with the Second Law of Thermodynamics. Eutrophic refers to the concentration of nutrients in the reservoirs. So much for scientific credibility!"

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Craig Tucker: Rebuttal to Mark Baird: Klamath myths undermine issue (The Siskiyou Daily News 6/13)

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