Leaders of Snoqualmie Tribe won't recognize council meeting

The sitting leaders of the Snoqualmie Tribe of Washington are disputing a meeting in which they were removed from office.

Traditional chief Jerry Enick called the June 18 meeting after tribal leaders postponed an upcoming election. Tribal members voted to oust the council at the meeting.

“It was an unsanctioned meeting. Period. The council has control in setting meetings,” sitting council member Ray Mullen told The Snoqualmie Valley Star.

But tribal members are going ahead with their plans to hold an election on July 16. “Once you do this, you’re going into the lion’s den. You have to go and look these people in the eye, and you have to stand firm,” Leon Enick, the chief’s son, told the paper. “There’s no turning back after this.”

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Snoqualmie Tribe votes to throw out Tribal Council, hold elections (The Snoqualmie Valley Star 6/22)

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