Chief of First Nations organization faces challenge to leadership

Guy Lonechild, the chief of the Federation of Saskatchewan Indian Nations, is facing a motion of no confidence as some Native leaders question whether he can serve them after pleading guilty to drunken driving.

Lonechild was fined $1,150 and was banned from driving for a year for the September 2009 incident, which took place prior to his election as chief of FSIN. He survived a vote to suspend his powers in February but now he's facing more questions about his role.

"Anybody that's convicted of a criminal offence is removed from office at the community level, the chief and council," Sol Sanderson, a member of the FSIN senate, told CBC News. "We can't have a double standard at the FSIN level."

Lonechild has apologized to the FSIN.

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Lonechild's leadership formally challenged (CBC 7/7)

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