Beverly Jensen: Shinnecock Nation celebrates federal recognition

"Now that we are federal tribe number 565 (as of October 1, 2010), our upcoming 65th Annual Powwow that takes place every Labor Day weekend is shaping up as a celebration of that important milestone. We’ve come a long way.

Some people say we Shinnecock were here in these parts for over 10,000 years. Others think that’s nonsense; we’ve been here since Great Turtle arose from the sea, and that was as long ago as forever.

In either case, longevity is a legacy belonging to us. We continue and we grow from the very first earth of Eastern Long Island. Patience is another. We’re still here. We managed to survive traders and warring tribes, and we learned to co-exist with settlers who arrived some 400 years ago. Throughout the centuries, we’ve managed to build our own infrastructure that includes a church, school, community center, health center and family preservation center. And we have a few more planned and in the works prior to being federally acknowledged, including an early learning/daycare center."

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Beverly Jensen: First Powwow After Federal Recognition Celebrates Milestone (The Southampton Patch 7/15)

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