Native News: Dennis Banks sees Russell Means in New Mexico

"During the 1970s, Dennis Banks, Ojibwa, and Russell Means, Lakota, emerged as two of the American Indian Movement's most recognizable leaders. Some could argue they have been the most visible and vocal American Indian leaders during the past half-century.

Together they fought for American Indian rights. Both men led the American Indian Movement's 71-day siege at Wounded Knee, South Dakota. Both men were indicted and put on trial and were tried together in St. Paul, Minnesota in a trial that lasted some eight months. Both men were freed when the Federal Judge Fred Nichol dismissed charges against them and accused the US Department of Justice and the FBI with misconduct because of their tactics used in their attempt to prosecute both men.

Over the ensuing decades, both men have remained fighters for American Indian rights.

Both men were together again in New Mexico last week Thursday, as Means is in the fight for his life. In July he was diagnosed with esophagus cancer and elected not have surgery which would have required removal of a major portion of his tongue."

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Dennis Banks Visits an Ailing Russell Means (Native News Network 9/6)

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