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Grand Ronde Tribes to disenroll 79 descendants of treaty signer

The Confederated Tribes of Grand Ronde in Oregon are planning to remove 79 people from the rolls, Indian Country Today reports.

The 79 people are descendants of Chief Tumulth, who signed the 1855 Willamette Valley Treaty that established the tribes relationship with the federal government. But Tumulth was executed before he could join a base roll so the tribe says his descendants are not eligible for enrollment.

“When we were enrolled 20 years ago, having a treaty-signer ancestor was enough,” Marilyn Portwood told Indian Country Today. “That went through the enrollment committee, the enrollment department, tribal council and the legal department. Seems like pretty good evidence.”

“We don’t have an ancestor on the restoration roll, and that is now a requirement," Portwood added.

Portwood is the spokesperson for 66 descendants of Chief Tumulth who have filed a lawsuit in tribal court. They contend their rights have been violated by an ongoing audit of tribal enrollment records, according to a press release.

The audit began in 2010.

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