SDPR: Newest park in South Dakota preserves historic tribal site

South Dakota Public Radio visits the new Good Earth State Park at Blood Run:
South Dakota’s 13th State Park doesn’t yet have the trimmings of official markers and informational brochures; however, Good Earth State Park at Blood Run boasts breathtaking views of the natural border that runs between Iowa and South Dakota.

"You know, there’s a lot of native trees and we’ll walk down by the river, so that should be very enjoyable," visitor Lyle Terveen says. "[I] hope it’s a little cooler down there."

Terveen was born in South Dakota, as he puts it, "many, many" years ago. The aging man is armed with a walking stick as he prepares to hike a mile-long stretch of trail. Naturalists from nearby Newtown Hills State Park lead a small group across the uneven ground of a makeshift trail at Good Earth. Terveen says people are responsible for preserving the prairie so everyone can experience the environment

"It’s been 40 years since we’ve had a new state park in South Dakota, so I’m glad we’re having another one. It’s a very historic places for the Native people of this area to have a park like this, so I think it’s a great deal," Terveen says.

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