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BIA adds golf course property to Suquamish Tribe's reservation

The White Horse Golf Club, owned by the Suquamish Tribe of Washington. Photo from White House Golf Club

The Port Madison Reservation, home to the Suquamish Tribe of Washington, has just grown in size.

The Bureau of Indian Affairs added about 283 acres to the reservation. The property includes the White Horse Golf Club, which the tribe purchased in 2010 for $4.65 million.

"The land was proclaimed to be an addition to the Port Madison Reservation of the Suquamish Indian Tribe of Washington, for the exclusive use of Indians entitled by enrollment or tribal membership to reside at such reservation," the BIA said in a notice that was published in today's issue of the Federal Register.

Federal Register Notice:
Proclaiming Certain Lands, White Horse Golf Course Property, as an Addition to the Port Madison Indian Reservation for the Suquamish Tribe (February 28, 2014)

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