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Indian beneficiaries demand release of Cobell settlement fund

Indian beneficiaries demand release of Cobell settlement funds. Photo from Katherine Ware-Perosi / Change.Org

Indian beneficiaries want to know why they haven't received the final payment from the $3.4 billion $3.4 billion Cobell settlement.

The payment was initially promised in December 2013. But shoddy-record keeping -- particularly in Oklahoma -- and appeals affecting certain beneficiaries have kept checks from going out.

"That's not your money, it's our money, and we want to be paid now," Katherine Ware-Perosi, who has started a petition on Change.Org to demand the money, told News 9.

The payment covers the Trust Administration Class of the settlement. The minimum will be $800 but many people will receive more, based on the level of activity in their Individual Indian Money (IIM) account.

The first payment, for the Historical Accounting Class, went out in December 2012. It was for $1,000.

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