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Caddo Nation told to prepare for new election for all positions

Brenda Edwards was elected chairwoman of the tribe in July 2013. Photo from Facebook

A judge with the Court of Indian Offenses has told the Caddo Nation of Oklahoma to prepare for a new election, The Native American Times reports.

Judge Ronald McGee said all of the tribe's leadership positions -- including chair and vice chair -- will be up for grabs. The election will be overseen by Jason Glidewell, a court official who has been overseeing the tribe's finances since the internal dispute began over a year ago.

Brenda Shemayme Edwards won re-election as chairwoman in July 2013. Opponents say they removed her through a recall petition but she has remained in office.

Anthony Cotter was elected chair in a disputed election but later stepped down. Photo from Facebook

Vice chairman Phillip Smith later went to the Court of Indian Offenses, which acts as the tribe's court, to keep Edwards out of office. In the meantime, one faction held another election and chose Anthony Cotter as chair but he later stepped down.

A date for the new election hasn't been set but McGee said it must occur within 60 days of October 6 or "as soon as possible," the Times reported.

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