Clara Caufield: Northern Cheyenne Tribe heads into election

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The flag of the Northern Cheyenne Tribe. Photo from Facebook
Northern Cheyenne candidates list certified
By Clara Caufield

LAME DEER, Mont. — According to Melissa Fisher, Lead Tribal Receptionist and Ashland District Chairperson, under the Northern Cheyenne Election Ordinance, the following candidates have been certified as eligible for the October 2, 2014 Primary Election to fill five (5) open seats for the Tribal Council, each having paid a $200.00 filing fee.

As a result of the October 2 primary, the candidates receiving the top votes will advance to the general election in November, coinciding with the National general election. That is, in Lame Deer, for example six (6) candidates will be on the ballot (2 for each of the three open seats); Busby: two (2) candidates will stand for that open seat and in Ashland: two (2) candidates will face off for that one open seat.

Lame Deer District: (3 open seats) Vernon Small (incumbent); Jenny Lou Small Lafranier (incumbent); Patrick McMakin (former Cheyenne Depot Manager and over the road trucker) ; Ronald Beartusk (BIA Roads Crew Member); Georgiannne Kellum (former BIA staffer); Anthony Three Fingers (Tribal Health Wellness Center employee); Isadore Whitewolf (former director JTPA Director and current I.H.S. Security Guard); William Rowland (Northern Cheyenne Hos\using employee); Carrie Lou Braine (former tribal Council member, former TERO Director and current Cheyenne Depot Manager) ; Conrad Fisher (current Tribal Historic Preservation Director); Glenn Littlebird, Sr. (current “Buy-Back” Program Director; former Tribal Prosecutor; Former B.I.A. Law Enforcement Officer) and Benji Headswift.(Northern Cheyenne Hosing employee). Ashland District: (1 open seat) Donna Fisher (incumbent); Joe Fox,Jr.; Philinga Anderson (former Tribal Finance staffer) and Benjamin “Benji” Bahr (former tribal EDA Director).

Buaby District: (1 open seat) RD Bailey (former tribal council member); Sheldon King (Northern Cheyenne Tribal Schools employee); Leonard “Lennie” Elkshoulder, Jr.; (current Land Buy Back employee); Mark Roundstone (former Natural Resources Director); Rick Wolfname (former Tribal Vice-President and current Tobacco Prevention Specialist); Terry Curley (Northern Cheyenne Tribal Schools employee) and Sterling Small (rancher and former Montana State Legislator).

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