Mark Rogers: Leadership in Native America is at a crossroads

Ami Pacheco shares his thoughts about leadership in Native America on YouTube

Mark Rogers calls for a new movement of leadership in Native America:
I intended to take a hiatus from writing for a while to deal with personal issues, but a YouTuber named Ami Pacheco inspired me to write again. You can see his thought provoking video here.

He presents an insightful and cogent argument for Native American leadership to step up and act. This piece is in response and support of this thoughtful and bright young warrior.

I feel that Native America today is at an unprecedented crossroad in terms of an opportunity to unite despite the diversity of our individual tribes and nations. The opportunity must be seized now and nurtured toward a movement of inclusion and progress for all Native people. The first step towards this is an abandonment of the politics and the mind set of separation of our people. The old ways of bickering over scraps from the Federal table and ancient grudges must give way to a new way where all are welcome to the circle regardless of region, blood quantum, recognition status and all other methods that divide the Native populations.

I feel that the Native mascot issue is a good test of this cohesion. I am well aware that many feel that there are much more important issues at hand. I submit that if we cannot unite on a small matter it will be impossible to get momentum on more serious issues. I propose that even if you are not interested in the mascot issue to support those who have been fighting for change for the sake of solidarity. The small steps must be taken first for any journey to begin.

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