VOA: Commanche Nation wants to buy home of Quanah Parker

The Quanah Parker Star House in Oklahoma. Photo by Karen Reid / Wikipedia

The Comanche Nation of Oklahoma has offered to buy the Quanah Parker Star House, the home of famed Chief Quanah Parker that's fallen into disrepair:
The Star House today belongs to Wayne Gipson and his sister, who inherited it from their uncle, who obtained it through a trade with Quanah Parker’s daughter in the 1950s. Quanah's daughter left the future of Star House up to the Gipson's uncle.

“... if anything is to be done with the Star House, she felt it would be up to him, and if he would trade her a livable house for the Star House, she would go along with the trade,” said Gipson.

Gipson admitted he lacks the funds to properly maintain the old structure. “We had worked toward getting some funding for it, but it is basically at a standstill currently.”

Quanah Parker's descendant Tina Emhoolah said the Comanche Nation has offered to buy the house, but Gipson would not sell.

“It is unfortunate that the property has deteriorated the way that it is, but the nation has made its offer; they chose not to take it,” said Emhoolah.

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