Opinion: DNA test can help determine Native American heritage

How many white Americans have Native American ancestry? The answer can be found on The Root

It won't help you get enrolled but a DNA test might tell you whether you have Native American ancestry:
So you think you have Native American ancestry, but you haven’t been able to prove it. Rather than wasting a lot of time and money trying to research that type of heritage, a better approach would be to have a DNA test done.

Although positive DNA results are not accepted as legal proof by tribes, the results, negative or positive, will let you know if all those oral family stories have any basis. If not, you can end your search for Native American ancestry and aim your efforts in other directions.

Many companies conduct DNA testing for ethnic origins. Among them are Family Tree DNA and Ancestry.com. The cost of DNA tests varies depending on the type of tests that you choose.

Keep in mind that the further back an Indian ancestor is, the fewer genes you have inherited from that person. A DNA test that shows a five-percent Native American ancestry means the ancestor was four to five generations back, while a one percent test indicates the ancestor was six to 10 generations back.

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