Paiute Tribe won't reinstate leader ousted for NFL team's gifts

Gari Lafferty, right, was removed as chairwoman of the Paiute Tribe of Utah after accepting a free trip to an NFL game last September. Photo from Facebook

The Paiute Tribe of Utah elected a new leader to replace Gari Lafferty, who was ousted after accepting gifts from the Washington NFL team.

Corrina Bow defeated four other candidates for the post, according to the result from the April 30 special election. She was sworn into office on May 4.

Lafferty filed an appeal of her removal but the tribal council denied it, the Associated Press reported. She admitted that she accepted a free trip to Washington, D.C., and other items of value from the Original Americans Foundation but denied breaking any laws or policies.

The leadership of the Paiute Tribe of Utah. From left to right: Lora Tom (Cedar Band), Jeanine Borchardt (Indian Peaks Band), Jetta Wood (Shivwits Band), Corrina Bow (Tribal Chairwoman), Toni Pikyavit (Koosharem Band), Phil Pikyavit (Kanosh Band). Photo from Paiute Tribe

“The Paiute Indian Tribe has gone through a period of negativity, so now we must clear the air; it is time for the Tribe to start healing,” new Chairwoman Bow said in press release. “There are no winners in a situation like this, but the tribal council can unite and move forward and refocus on what is important for our tribe, for our people and our children.”

Documents from the removal hearing of Gari Lafferty can be found at

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