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Cheyenne River Sioux Tribe rejects $25K check from NFL team

Council member Ryman LeBeau posted a copy of the $25,000 check on Facebook

Leaders of the Cheyenne River Sioux Tribe of South Dakota rejected a $25,000 donation from the Washington NFL team's foundation and ordered Chairman Harold Frazier to stop communicating with the team.

The check from the Original Americans Foundation was made out to the Cheyenne River Rodeo Association. Presumably the money would have been used to fund rodeo activities on the reservation but tribal leaders wanted no part of it.

"People may not get the gravity of refusing that Redsk*ns $," Ruth Hopkins commented on Twitter. "1 of the poorest counties in the US is on Cheyenne River Rez. We aren't for sale."

The team announced the Original Americans Foundation in early 2014 and some tribes have eagerly accepted the group's funds. But others have rejected the money, calling it an attempt to silence criticism of the team's racist mascot.

The foundation is unusual in that it has not announced a governing board or outlined its grant policies, nor has it disclosed the source of its funds.

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Native American tribe votes to reject $25,000 offered by Washington Redskins foundation (The Washington Post 8/5)

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