Crow Tribe and partner join coal export project in Washington

The Crow Tribe has partnered with Cloud Peak Energy to develop a mine on the reservation in Montana. Both are now a part of the proposed Gateway Pacific Terminal in Washington. Photo from Big Metal Coal

The Crow Tribe of Montana and its development partner, Cloud Peak Energy, are joining a major coal export project in Washington.

The tribe has options on 5 percent of the Gateway Pacific Terminal. The tribe's share will come from the 49 percent of the project that Cloud Peak acquired.

“This unique opportunity is a continuation of our mutually beneficial relationship with Cloud Peak Energy and further increases the potential for developing the Crow Tribe’s coal resources," Chairman Darrin Old Coyote said in a press release.

The tribe and Cloud Peak are working together on the Big Metal Mine on the reservation. The coal from the mine will be exported through the Gateway Pacific Terminal, which is 51 percent owned by SSA Marine.

Members of the Lummi Nation stand against a coal export terminal in Washington. Photo from Sierra Club

The Lummi Nation in Washington has mounted strong opposition to the terminal. The tribe believes it will harm its treaty-protected fishing grounds and has asked the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers to deny a permit for the project.

“In spite of all of the fluctuations on the proponent’s side, our position still remains the same — that the proposed project has impacts to the treaty rights that are insurmountable, and we’re waiting for the Corps to uphold its trust responsibility and make a determination on our request,” Chairman Tim Ballew told The Bellingham Herald.

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