Alaska Native corporation leads push for a regional government

Participants discussed a regional tribal government at a meeting in February. Photo from Facebook

Calista Corporation, an Alaska Native regional corporation, is leading an effort to establish a regional government in the Yukon-Kuskokwim Delta.

The corporation says it won't move forward without tribal and village support. That doesn't look like it will happen -- the Association of Village Council Presidents, which represents tribes, opposes the idea and not enough representatives showed up to establish a quorum at Calista's meeting on Monday, according to news reports

“Even though you guys say it won’t affect our powers, it will,” said Nastasia Levi, who represented the the village of Lower Kalskag, The Alaska Dispatch News reported.

Supporters believe a regional entity will be able to secure a larger share of federal dollars and manage it more effectively than all of the individual tribes. The region of about 25,000 suffers from high rates of poverty and high costs of living, the Dispatch News said.

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