Ivan Star Comes Out: Disaster assistance welcome at Pine Ridge

Ivan F. Star Comes Out

FEMA and SBA agents appreciated
By Ivan F. Star Comes Out

I and the wife were visiting relatives in Minnesota during the May storm that flooded parts of the Pine Ridge Reservation. Since our home site is on a hill about two thousand yards from the Makizita Wakpa, now known as White River, we didn’t expect any damage to our home. However, the extent of the damage to our 1999 Redman was overwhelming.

The first thing we saw was that the rain had washed out our graveled access road from BIA 41. I had been doing some repair work on our mobile home prior to the storm and had removed the rotted skirting. The storm washed the soil out from some of the footings causing the mobile home to tilt. Although I leveled it, some water damage had occurred inside the home, especially at its north end.

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