Clara Caufield: Northern Cheyenne Tribe caves to state on taxes

Clara Caufield. Photo from Native News Project / University of Montana School of Journalism

Northern Cheyenne forced to pay state taxes
By Clara Caufield
A Cheyenne Voice

One of the most popular misconceptions/stereotypes about American Indians is that we do not pay taxes, happy to be a burden upon the American taxpayer. This is not true. Every American Indian who has a job in America, including those on reservations pays federal income taxes, social security and unemployment taxes. Those living off the reservation face the same tax obligations as other Americans.

What we are not compelled to do, if living on the Reservation, is pay state taxes. Under the United States Constitution and other federal law, states may not collect state taxes on reservations without the express consent of a tribal government. Tribes have sovereignty – that is the right to regulate taxation and other general affairs within their reservation communities, basic tenet in American Indian and Federal law.

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