Carly McIntosh: Deadly chemicals drip through our water system

A welcome sign at Radium Hot Springs in British Columbia. Photo by Eternalsleeper via Wikipedia

Deadly Water Dripping From The Taps
By Carly McIntosh

When you travel to a natural hot spring in our beautiful Canadian Rocky Mountains, most can't express the beauty that is in front of them.

The temperature of heat in a hot spring is being produced from the crust of the Earth. A clear hot spring is one last place on earth where there is no chemicals placed inside the pure water. When you set yourself in a hot spring the water is so pure, that it cannot hurt your health in any way. The fact is that the pure water in a natural hot spring is extremely beneficial to your health.

When we jump to the topic of tap water running through a city, it is a whole other story. The amount of chemicals in the water coming from your taps is so dangerous that people are being harmed by it every day. When you take a glass filled with tap water and let it into your system, you are placing Fluoride, Chlorine and many other chemicals into your body.

Fluoride is a chemical known to cause people to develop Cancer and Heart Disease. It has also been known to weaken the strength in our bones making it harder to walk up a set of stairs.

Chlorine, having the ability to cause multiple infections as well as producing many allergic reactions. Drinking Chlorine everyday is also another reason people are developing cancer, while others are having a high percentage rate of possibly having a heart attack.

With the high number of chemicals that are added into tap water, there is just too many effects for me to possibly name every single one of them. Health Guidance lists a few of them.

The early year of 1905 was when the chemicals started entering the waters, I remember as a child you could smell the elements that were being added to the water, while being able to see a change in the color of water.

As toxins were first placed in the water you could even taste the difference in your mouth. Now to this day people have been drinking the water for so many years that they do not taste the massive increase in chemicals up to this present day. In the morning people will go out for their morning cup of coffee, while after the liquid has entered their body they notice a sudden pinch of pain in their stomach.

In public pools the amount of chlorine placed in the water has the power of damaging the eyes, skin, and wellbeing. I knew someone who went to a public pool one day and she slipped in the water letting chlorine into her system. With that one drop of chlorine entering her body her life was put in danger. When she learned that chlorine could put her health at risk she never stepped foot at a public pool ever again.

With chlorine set in the public pools you would jump in with a beautiful bright red swimsuit, and an hour later you would exit the pool with a faded pink colored suit. The toxin in the pools would just eat away at the young ones swimsuit, now take the time of one minute and think of what the chemicals are doing to you.

Food companies using tap water in the foods we eat and drink, are also putting our health in jeopardy. The food companies don't care for our wellbeing, because as long as they are making their millions they are fine. Companies are not going to spend money on cleaner water when they have no need to. While the markets are doing good, no changes in the company need to be made. If we keep supporting the foods that add health risks, we are saying that we do not care for our own health.

Skin damage is caused by the chemicals in the taps as well, such as Acne, Eczema and Rashes. In every province I have lived in the tap water causes my skin to develop a body rash. The poisons in the water are so strong that not one body lotion can even help the rash decrease in size. When being told to place water filters on all the taps in your house, the filters may just filter out one chemical out of all the toxins. I have tried many water filters and my skin completely informs me when chemicals are still getting through.

It has been told that a good example of natural water is rain water, and another example of tap water is acid water.

Born and raised in Manitoba, Canada and now residing in Calgary, Alberta. McIntosh recently found her ancestry. Her goal is to pursue a future with writing and hopes to open some closed eyes and minds.

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