James Giago Davies: Lakota people need to hold onto our history

James Giago Davies. Photo from Native Sun News

Holding onto yesterday
It’s not living in the past
By James Giago Davies
Iyeska Journal

Every now and again a question will come up, once easily answered by calling up my mother or an aunt. What was the name of the cat we had on St. Charles Street? What was the name of the family grocery store used to be up the street?

There was a time when these questions never got asked because the answers were common interactive knowledge. Whiskers was sitting right on the front steps, we didn’t need to wonder what his name was. Butterfield Store was right up the street, a constant reminder it existed every time you went by or dropped in and bought something.

None of us stopped and said to the other, “Someday Whiskers will be long dead and Butterfield’s will be long forgotten. Take a really hard look at the reality around you now because every passing day a piece of it disappears and will only exist in your memory.”

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