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Fashion company sorry for '.dsquaw' collection nearly a year later

Some looks from the Dsquared2 Fall-Winter 2015 collection that were initially tagged with an offensive ".dsquaw" label. Screen shot from Dsquared2

A Canadian fashion company issued an apology to Native people nearly a year after debuting a collection that was tagged with an offensive ".dsquaw" label.

The apology from brothers Dean and Dan Caten of Dsquared2 was sent to CBC North last week. The company's founders said they didn't mean any harm in using a derogatory word about Native women when they unveiled their Fall-Winter 2015 collection on March 2, 2015.

The Dsquared2 Fall-Winter 2015 collection was described as a blend of "Canada's Indian tribes" and the "British aristocracy." A bag was initially labeled "Eskimeaks" but the description was changed following criticism from Native women and Native activists. Screen shot from Dsquared2

"Our intentions were in good faith but we now understand how this terminology is offensive," the February 24 letter stated. "We are truly sorry, and apologize for the disrespect this may have caused."

Native women and activists across Canada protested after seeing pictures of the ".dsquaw" collection, which also included a bag described as "Eskimeaks" -- a reference to the outdated term "Eskimo." But the company didn't say anything until the controversy resurfaced a couple of weeks ago after Dsquared2 won the contract to design Team Canada's clothing for the upcoming Summer Olympics.

The apology letter is addressed to "the Indigenous Peoples of Canada" but it's not clear whether it was directly sent to any Native activists, governments or groups. It also cannot be located anywhere on the company's website.

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