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Native Sun News Today: Northern Cheyenne banker beats the odds

Brett Evertz

Young Indian banker beats odds
Brett Evertz recognized as top real estate banker in Montana
By Clara Caufield
Native Sun News Today Correspondent

BOZEMAN, Mont. –– Having a “Big Mac” attack was not an option when Brett Evertz was a youngster living on a remote ranch on the Northern Cheyenne Reservation in southeastern Montana.

Satisfying that craving would have required an 80 mile round trip in either direction. Instead the burger “fix” came from beef, raised, harvested and prepared on the family ranch, a process in which he had been personally involved. That is where he grew up, a tribal member, born and bred to be a cowboy, learning a strong work ethic known as “cowboy try.”

What are the odds of such a young Native American kid, born and raised on such a remote lonely reservation outpost, making Assistant Vice-President of a large Montana regional bank at the age of 29, earning a respectable living in a completive and ever changing industry and becoming an entrepreneur, now having bought and sold three houses which he says has been great investment opportunity.

”I bought my first house at 22 years of age which many people thought was crazy, but now I am on house number three. Houses are good places to put your money,” advises Evertz.

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