Denver American Horse: Ringing in a new year with our sovereignty

Denver American Horse

Sacred Hoop Okh’olakichiye (Society)
By Denver American Horse
Lakota Country Times Columnist

Hau Kh’ola (Hello friend), toh niktuka hwo (how are you)?

Le Anpetu kin (Today is) Anpetu Zaptan (Friday). Wanichokan Wi (Moon of Mid-Winter, December) Wikchemna Yamni (30th), Kh’oktopawing’e Nunpa sam Ahke Shakpe (2,016). Th’ankal osni, eyaish (Outside is cold, but) mashteshte (sunny). Omakh’a Th’echa Wowiyushkin (Happy New Year)!

Wanikiya Th’unpi Anpetu hehan (On Christmas Day), lila th'ate ichuhan iwobla (it was very windy during the blizzard). Ahletka chik_alah kin makh'a ekta hinh'paye (The small branches fell to the ground). Ahkisni hehan (When it was over), inawaph’e (i went outside) yunkh’an (and here) ahletka wan iyowaye (i found a branch). “Le wapahtan ktelo”, eph'e ("I am going to save this”, i said). “Charley Brown Wanikiya Th’unpi wazi chan wayin ktelo”, ichami (“I will use it as a Charley Brown Christmas tree”, i thought).

Cha, wo i sanph’a kin (So, next season), “Charley Brown Wanikiya Th’unpi wazi chan” wanji bluha ktelo (I will have a “Charley Brown Christmas tree) lol (Ho Th'anka Ih’at_ah)!

In my November 4th article, I mentioned that we should start thinking about working towards becoming a stand alone independent country; no longer as wards of the federal government. And I meant it.

It was easy for me to say this, considering that I have always been aware of the works and conversations of the treaty oyate kin (Peoples). As far back as 1989, I remember taking an Oglala Lakota College course in Rapid City, and during the presentations - the fact was mentioned to us that, - a (sovereign) country has at least four (Topa) elements: 1. a land base; 2. a culture; 3. a language; 4. a government.

Sounds simple enough, and we have these four elements now. Of course, our language is barely hanging on like the proverbial cat (Igmu) from the tree limb/branch (Ahletka / Chan sahkela).

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Hopefully, one of our Ocheti Shakowin “tribes” will work towards this dream / goal for a great journey. I sometimes get dismayed / frustrated (Kh’an ta_h) when i hear that our Indian Health Service Hospital here in Pine Ridge can not be managed properly and that our tribal members are suffering the consequences of this continuing problem.

Ayaish (However), I will continue to push and promote this great (Kili) idea (Wowiyukchan) every chance I get.

In closing, i would like to leave you with a Lakh’ota word (Oie): Wicah’ pi = Star. (The 2nd h’ in Wichah’pi is a guttural).

Ohko ichinunpa ki (Next week), ahke wounglakin ktelo (we will talk again).

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