Gyasi Ross: Indian Democrats support Tom Perez as party chair

Tom Perez. Photo: Edward Kimmel

Tom Perez, a former Obama administration official, is the new leader of the Democratic National Committee. Gyasi Ross, a citizen of the Blackfeet Nation and the editor at large for Indian Country Today, shares reaction from Indian Democrats as the party seeks to unite in a new Republican era:
Rion Ramirez, Chairman of the Native American Council for the DNC stated, “With the election of Tom Perez, and the naming of Keith Ellison as Deputy Chair, I believe the political future of Native people throughout Indian Country is the brightest I have ever seen in the Democratic Party!”

Debra Haaland, the Chair for the Democratic Party of New Mexico and the first Native American to chair a state party in the country noted that, “Both candidates know our issues and both worked hard for our support. I left Atlanta completely energized and ready to fight the Republican Party’s harmful agenda, and disrespect for Indian tribes.”

Vice Chair for the Democratic Party of Nebraska, Frank LaMere, stated “I am very encouraged by the intent of the DNC and the new leadership to appoint more Native people to the DNC. We need nine members to achieve Caucus status at the DNC and among those, a Native Veteran would be a valuable asset.” Native DNC members also pledged greater outreach and effort to have more Native folks run and win in Party elections.

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