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Harlan McKosato: Don't pay any more attention to Donald Trump

President Donald Trump addresses the Conservative Political Action Conference on February 24, 2017. Photo: Gage Skidmore

Should Native people pay attention to everything Republican President Donald Trump says? Radio show host Harlan McKosato, a citizen of the Sac and Fox Nation, doesn't think so:
Donald Trump has created the greatest TV reality show of all time, and the national media and consumers are going along for the ride. Whether you love him or hate him, his upset in the presidential election race has made his bizarre act must-see TV; and the more attention he gets from the public and media the more it inflates his tremendous ego.

Many in the media are falling for this smokescreen – hook, line and sinker. He is making it easy on media outlets for a news story. They really don’t have to work on investigating certain issues because all they have to do is read Trump’s early morning tweets and they have their story for the day – whether the coverage is positive or negative. It’s becoming our own fault that we pay attention to everything he says.

Sen. John McCain (R-AZ), who serves as chairman of the Senate Armed Services Committee and is the former chair and current member of the Senate Indian Affairs Committee, told reporters in December, “My time is devoted to trying to make sure this nation is secured, not to comment on every comment of Mr. Trump’s. Now, that may be your priority, and yours and yours. That may be your priority to comment every day on any comment that Mr. Trump has. My priority is to try to defend the nation and the men and women who are serving it and I cannot carry out that mission by responding to every comment of President-(elect) Trump’s.”

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