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Tiffany Midge: Men get together to decide future of women's health

Some men in Washington, D.C. Photo: Speaker Paul Ryan

What's going on with women's health care in the nation's capitol? Poet Tiffany Midge, a citizen of the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe, has more from an exclusive meeting of men:
A din of squealing and snorking was heard coming from a White House conference room March 23, when top government leaders met with a group of all male barnyard swine to discuss the future for women’s health care.

“The scene at the conference table reminded me of that famous painting of dogs playing poker, only instead of dogs, it’s with pigs, and instead of poker, it’s Russian roulette.” A White House aid reported.

Members of the “Freedom Caucus,” as the all-swine committee is calling itself, have little if any understanding of women’s health and maternity needs, and some elected officials within the GOP have even voiced that the proposal is “unfair,” and that barnyard swine shouldn’t be expected to subsidize maternity care.

“Making it a requirement for insurance companies to pony up for birthing babies is unconstitutional.” A Freedom Caucus member stated. “I’ve never birthed no baby before, heck, I’ve never even seen a baby, but God forbid, if I ever did find myself in the family way, I’d just deal with it privately and call up Stork Delivery R Us, or pay a visit to the cabbage patch—ain’t nobody be needing none of them fancy maternity services, no how.”

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