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Albert Bender: Police slaughter of Red and Black people rages unabated

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Navajo Nation President Russell Begaye speaks at a rally for Loreal Tsingine in Winslow, Arizona, on April 2, 2016. Photo: Navajo Nation OPVP

Did you know that eight Native people were shot and killed by police officers in one month alone last year? Albert Bender, a citizen of the Cherokee Nation, calls attention to the "national crisis" facing people of color:
The police slaughter of Red and Black people rages unabated. In October, 2016 there was a deadly increase in fatal police shootings of American Indians around the country. Eight police slayings of Native people took place in that bloody month. Up to that point, there had been an average of two a month.

There is long-standing belief among many citizens of color that racist, white-supremacist elements, such as the Klan and home grown Nazis, have infiltrated the police departments. If that be the case then there needs to be a purging of the police departments in question along with more stringent background checks of new applicants.

What is also so frustrating is that although there is all this hand wringing and lamenting by a plethora of writers, journalists and reporters, there is a lack of direction by anyone of the progressive or leftist slant to propose anything to halt these racist, state sanctioned lynchings. I would venture some proposals including everything from civilian review boards, peoples’ tribunals to community patrols to monitor the activities of the police who in so many instances act like an occupying army rather than protectors of the communities they are supposed to serve. There has to be community control of the police. Keep in mind that the courts, so far, have been on the side of the police. The so-called justice system in this regard is broken.

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