Mount Hesperus in Colorado, or Dibé Nitsaa in the Dine language, is considered the northern boundary of the Navajo homeland. Photo: Jhodlof

Navajo Nation interested in acquiring property with two sacred mountains

The Navajo Nation is interested in buying a ranch in Colorado that's home to two of the tribe's most sacred mountains.

Mount Hesperus (Dibé Nitsaa) and Mount Blanca (Sisnaajini) are located within the Wolf Springs Ranch, The Gallup independent reported. The property also houses cattle, bison and other herds of animals.

The ranch was put on the market for $54.7 million in 2014 but the price was recently lowered to $49 million. The property can be broken up into three parts and the tribe is interested in a portion that costs $23 million, according to news reports.

President Russell Begaye has created a committee to study the potential purchase. If it's acquired, it would apparently be the tribe's first major land holding in Colorado.

Although the tribe's reservation consists of land in Arizona, New Mexico and Utah, Dibé Nitsaa is considered the northern boundary of the tribe's territory. Sisnaajini is considered to be the eastern boundary.

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