Leaders of the Colville Tribes. Photo: Colville Council

Leaders of Colville Tribes ask citizens about returning to traditional name

The Confederated Tribes of the Colville Reservation might be changing their name.

The Colville Reservation in Washington got its name from a fort that was named after a Scottish businessman from the 1800s. Chairman Michael Marchand believe it's time for a change, The Grand Coulee Star reported.

"The name has nothing to do with us really," Marchand wrote in a Facebook discussion about the name. "The man was no special friend of ours but we did help make him rich. I always think it’s akin to naming yourself after Adolph Hitler or someone.”

Marchand suggested "12 Confederated Tribes of the Big Water" as the new name. That would reflect the 12 tribal nations represented on the reservation, as well as their traditional connection to the waterways in their homelands.

If the proposal moves forward, the tribe would call a secretarial election to ask citizens about the name, Marchand said on Facebook.

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